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Violet Angel


St. Anne du Bellvue
A+ $$$ Cafe/Terrace

This was a fantastic terrace. One of the first we visited in Montreal so it really stuck out in my mind. It had an entrance from the street but it was quite apparent that they attracted all of their clientele (including me) by way of the patio. The gorgeous terrace was surrounded by greenery, a leafy tree sprouted from the centre of it, protecting the patrons from the sun beneath it’s shady boughs. The terrace looked out over the nearby river, it’s close proximity to the water gifted the terrace with a cool breeze. The food at Violet Angel was modest but very fresh; everything was made in their small kitchen, using seasonal ingredients. They specialized in deli fare; sandwiches, soups, and salads. The food was very nourishing without the heavy slow feeling one generally gets after eating at pubs. The beer selection was small, they only offered a handful of bottled beers (Rickard’s Red, Carona, Molson Canadian). I think that this was largely due to the homely nature of the place. The terrace only had one server and another woman who worked inside, making the food and taking payment. Our server was nice, without the fake pleasantries, and very attentive. The whole atmosphere of the terrace was very relaxed and informal, perfect for a few beers and good food on a lazy summer afternoon.


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