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St. Anne du Belvue
B- $$$ Irish Pub  Menu

My first impression of Cunninghams was a desperate attempt to prove it’s Irish authenticity to it’s patrons. The building itself was fairly antique in a homely way.  The old wooden furniture melted into the rusty brick and chestnut background. The bar was a deep rich brown trimmed in gold. The wonderfully charming old pub was ruined by it’s decor. Hand painted four leaf clovers covered the brick walls and tacky banners proclaiming the daily specials were draped over the bar. Large tvs attached to the Walls blared the results of midday sports at an uncomfortable level. Our server was fantastic. As per what seems to be the norm in Montreal, she was running the floor by herself. She was attentive, sharp, and helpful. Beer was the drink of choice, unsurprising for an Irish pub. They had a fairly generic selection however, they seemed to favour the imports (Guinness, Heineken, etc). The food is what truly surprised me; unlike most Irish pubs I’ve been to, Cunninghams actually served Irish fare. They did have a small selection of traditional pub food but it was predominantly Irish. Overall I was left with a generally mediocre feeling about the pub.


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