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La Créme de la Creme Cafe

21 Rue de Commune Est
B+ $$$ Bistro/Cafe

This was one of the first bars we stumbled upon during our stay in Old Montreal. It had two entrances, one off Rue St Paul and one off Rue de Commune. It was very cozy, and the road level windows gave it a basement feel. The abundant flora within the bistro combined with the high ceiling kept it from being claustrophobic. They had a fairly good selection of beer, mostly serving local micro-brews. Our server was very well informed about their beer selection and was able to point us towards a good selection. Sangria (my drink of choice while in Montreal) was served by the pitcher only so I decided to just try some of their food. The salads were quite pricey, ranging from $14-18. I decided to go for a roast beef sandwich and side salad. The hot, melted, open-faced baguette sandwich was served swiftly. It was incredibly tasty, but a lot of sandwich; it definitely could be shared between two people. We didn’t stay long due to travel fatigue, and the steep beer price, but certainly would have returned for the food.


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