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Montreal Poutine

161 Rue St Paul Est, Old Montreal
C+ $$$$   Menu

This place was next door to our hostel in Montreal. The touristy decor on the outside warded us away for the first few days. However, after spotting the amazing patio from our hostel window we decided to give it a try. The patio was hidden behind the restaurant, so we had to dodge and weave through the bustling joint to get a seat on the terrace. The terrace was absolutely beautiful and the only saving grace of this place. It was nestled in between tall, ivy covered, brick buildings with a tree sprouting out from the centre of the deck. It was a little cramped but the greenery in the heart of old Montreal made it feel tranquil, no small feat with the constant flurry of the servers. The food was terrible, the Poutine was cold and none of their gravies were made out of animal stock. Great for vegetarians, but not so great for a restaurant so proud of their Poutine. The servers were strenuously over-worked and abused by the tourists (one would think that you would be on your best behaviour in another country but apparently not the case) so I wasn’t surprised when ours was short and hurried with us. The beer selection was decent, sampling from a few of the local microbreweries, but expensive and the Sangria was awful.

In short
Beer: Good/expensive
Food: Bad/expensive
Ambiance: patio is fantastic, skip inside


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