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Mamas Mexican Kitchen


B $$  Menu

This was the first place we ate during our stay in Seattle. It’s ramshackle appearance threw my fellow travelers off, but I managed to wrangle them in. Despite the haphazard mismatch of exterior building supplies, the inside was immaculate and quite cozy.

There were a number of rooms to the restaurant, leading me to believe that the building was probably used for something else before a restaurant. We chose to sit on the patio which, in hindsight, was a bit of a mistake. The restaurant was surrounded by bars, so we were often listening to boisterous conversations and inhaling second hand smoke.

The food was your standard Mexican fair. It was relatively unimpressive, but for the price this was unsurprising. The free chips and (very spicy) salsa was a nice touch.

What was impressive was their happy hour menu. Unfortunately we were not there in time for it but I was able to peruse the menu. They offered three or four different food items on the cheap ($3-4), margaritas, and PBR for $2. I had a mui tai there and it was the strongest drink I had ever had, I had to ask them to juice it down for me (much to the amusement of my fellows).

Normally I don’t like writing about the service, mostly because it is so personal and it fluctuates so drastically. However I think it’s important to mention that the service here was quite laid back and “unprofessional.” For me this was great, I hate the concept of someone serving me, however if you are someone who prefers classical service you might want to pass.

Overall Mama’s was a pleasant experience. The food was nothing special, but the service and design really gave the restaurant a community feel. The happy hour menu makes this place a perfect early dinner and drinks kind of place.


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