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Browns Social House (Lonsdale)


1764 Lonsdale ave
C $$$   Menu

I wasn’t expecting anything when my fiends suggested that we go to Browns Social House. I had passed the Lonsdale location a few times on the way to work, and the sleek exterior and the large bold face luminescent sign instantly branded it as one of the new “trendy chic pubs” popping up around Vancouver. I haven’t seen them in any of the other cities I’ve been to, but I’m sure they’re around: the ones with the 18 year old female servers squeezed into a tight black dress and stilettos, flat ironed hair and abundant makeup. The same uninspired American-fusion menu with one or two items that make you go “huh?” And the overpriced drink menu with silly names and cocktails with more fruit and sugar than alcohol.

That’s where Browns got me though. While their drink menu was fairly standard, they had a pretty solid specials list. All day, every day they have a selection of drinks for $4: a lager, a belini (slurpee with booze), and a highball. They also have red, white, and pink sangria by the pitcher for $20. This, in my experience, is a rarity in Vancouver. A friend and I split the pink sangria and it was fantastic! They used a rose and mixed it with fresh citrus fruit and an orange/grapefruit juice.

The drink specials were really the only highlight of Browns. The food deserved an indifferent shrug, and not the $19 I payed for it. The atmosphere was a strange mix of young adults going for a drink with their friends, teenagers hoping not to get carded, and families with rambunctious children. I think it’s mostly the location that detracts from what Browns could be; the restaurant tries very hard to market itself as a pub, which is very difficult to do when the location is smack dab in the centre of suburbia.

With the overpriced food and the odd mix of clientele in the pub I would only go back if it was only for a couple of cheap drinks from their specials menu before moving on to a better place.


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