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The Metropole


320 Abbott Street

As a fair warning before I start on this review, I am a little biased when it comes to The Met. This pub is my group of friends’ weekly stomping ground. For the last two years we have been coming here at least once a week. This, of course, resulted in us befriending the bartenders and DJ. After so many good nights in one place it is hard to write a fair handed review.

The food at The Met is really nothing special, however, the prices are what are extraordinary. The Met has a scaled food menu, the cheapest set of food options starting at $2.50 and the most expensive being $8. It is all typical pub food (pretzels, garlic fries, burgers, etc). Food specials, such as the $6 burger and beer, are common every day. While the food is not fantastic, it is not the over-greased and fried and salted food that you get for much more at other pubs.

The Met, like most pubs, have daily drink specials. They’re fairly simple, singles doubles and sleeves of beer, but they also have month long killer specials. For example, last month it was $3 September; all well drinks, lager, and certain hard bar were only $3. They also have nightcap, or just starting out, specials such as the beer and a shot for $8. On Tuesday the Met has it’s famous $2 beer night, which can understandably get a little rowdy. Other than the specials it’s nothing fancy.

The atmosphere at the met is very relaxed and casual. It is a neighborhood pub in a humble neighborhood on the edge of downtown so you could get anyone from a suit grabbing a beer after work to grubby punks rolling in around midnight. The DJs are all very friendly and take requests. The two regular bartenders are great guys but dislike “bros” so be warned. On slower nights they have a super Nintendo and an N64 hooked up to a couple TVs for people to play as well as free shuffle board. On weekends they clear out most of the tables to create a makeshift dance floor.

What I love about The Met are the characters. I have seen people from every class and creed in that dark little pub, however, I’ve never seen a fight. I have never seen someone teased, or shoved out of the way in the drink line, or threatened. People there just want to have a good time, and that’s why I go back there every week.


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