Happy hour approved in BC

Haha! At long last!

Happy Hour!



I’ve moved. No longer am I plagued by living in the burbs. I am now right in the centre of the action in downtown Vancouver. Also, a new neighborhood means new bars! I’ll be trying out all sorts of new places with my new roommate. I’ve started another blog as well, The Morning After, for when you’re feeling a little rough the next morning. Check it out!


The District

13 Lonsdale ave
B+ $$$$

The District is one of the new swanky bars at the bottom of Lonsdale. After the city decided to renovate the dockyard area around lower Lonsdale, and develop much of the unused real estate into fancy condos, a few of these trendy social spots have popped up. The District seems to be the most popular of these new places, as every time we decide to stop by the place is packed and there is a waiting list. Luckily, the place lives up to the excitement.

Walking into the District one instantly feels a sense of claustrophobia. Since the restaurant is always busy, you can’t help but be jostled around as you are led to your table. The light wooden walls and high ceiling in the first room help to alleviate that feeling. However, if you are sat in the second room, with the long table, the decor changes to a dark wood and low ceiling. A small booth a few feet away from the long table houses to DJ that plays fairly terrible remixes. Thankfully, the music plays second to the chorus of conversation.

Parties under three are squeezed onto the “social table”, a high long table through the middle of the room. On busy nights the table is packed so closely that you could dunk your elbow in your neighbors food. This wouldn’t be terrible, the space not the dunking, if the bar was set in an urban neighborhood, where people are used to tight quarters, but in the ‘burbs people are used to large amounts of personal space. We got a few up-turned noses as we sat down next to two pristine blonds in their late Forties. The clientele was mostly comprised of similar people, wealthy mid-lifers desperately clinging to youth. Unfortunately, this usually reminds one of drinking with their parents. Thankfully, this also means that the menu is catered to people with taste and experience.

The food and drink at the district is quiet excellent. Fresh seafood and imaginative pub fare result in tough choices that have always left me satisfied. The district offers its patrons a full, and ever changing, charcuterie menu. The seasonal plates and drinks are written on the wall in chalk and change frequently. They have a large selection of micro-brewed and craft beers as well as hand crafted cocktails. While the food and drink are far from reasonably priced, at the District you defiantly get what you pay for.